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The Water agency Association, was established in 2013 with the aim to draw attention the necessity for a responsible attitude towards water in nature, especially drinking water. Westarted in Slovenia by supporting the initiative to enroll water as a human right into the Constitution of Republic Slovenia. This initiative succeeded and in 2016 Slovenia, as the first state in Europe, entered into the Constitution that the human right to water is inviolable. The activities of the organization are different models of educations based on an innovative product or mini devices for direct monitoring of tap water consumption. In parallel with the development of the device itself, the development of the organization has also progressed. We want to contribute to the development of related projects with our experiences. Also, we have to learn a lot and improve our knowledge. We are developing publishing activities and every year we organize an International conference with a topic in the field of water, where our coordinators and collaborators and related projects are presented.

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